With over 60 years experience in media planning and buying, we take great pride in delivering the highest standards of excellence in media services – partnering with our clients to achieve their business goals and maximize return on their advertising investments.

All clients are unique, having different offerings, goals, competition, audiences and budgets.    We offer a full range of media planning and buying services including research, planning , buying, execution, tracking, reporting and analytic services.   Ultimately we grow sales profitably through effective advertising strategies and as our client’s media campaigns prove successful, their business grows and we grow with them.  Our own meteoric growth is the best testament to our success in growing our clients.

We are media planners for a wide variety of clients who sell products to consumers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B). Our clients also have a variety of goals from building brands to directly driving leads and sales and a variety of channels from which they sell their products or services (web sales, phone sales, store sales, and direct and indirect sales channels). This client variety translates into added experience – all for your benefit. We use our direct marketing expertise to help branders track and optimize performance.

Our proven media consulting 4D-Process is used for all clients.  We invest heavily in syndicated and proprietary research tools and our media planners are expert at using them to Discover more about your markets, audiences and how they consume media.   Our media consultants use those same tools and their expertise to help Design the media plan that will best reach your targets to achieve your goals within your budget parameters.


Our media buyers are seasoned negotiating professionals that utilize our proprietary media pricing tools, our leverage and their savvy to ensure you secure the best possible rate, position and added value across your media buy and Deploy the campaign.   In many forms of media we are able to secure upwards of 80% off published rates and of equal importance is our experience in what media works and doesn’t work for the targets.

Our media consultants then Digest the campaign through expert tracking, reporting and analytics.  We save you even more money across your advertising campaigns by demonstrating which media is working and which is not and optimizing the campaigns for future performance.

Unlike big monolithic agencies, there are no bureaucracies or long chains of command. Working Media Group media experts that support you interface directly with all the media properties to ensure the best possible rates, added value and prompt and accurate campaign execution. Professional, efficient, effective, timely and personalized media services. For us, it is all about you – our business is your business.