With over 60 years experience in media planning and buying, Working Media Group has the highest standards in media consulting. By partnering with our clients, we achieve their business goals with a maximum return on all digital and traditional advertising investments.

As a professional media consulting agency, we have a range of unique clients with different offerings, competition, audiences and budgets. That’s why we’re comfortable working with a variety of media planning and buying services at all stages, from research and planning to buying, execution, tracking, and analytics. We grow sales through refined strategies that prove mutually beneficial; as our client’s media campaigns succeed, their business grows and we grow with them. Our longevity and superb reputation as a media buying agency is the best testament to our clients’ custom media buying experience.

We are media planners for a wide variety of clients who sell products to consumers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B). Our clients also have a variety of goals from building brands to directly driving leads and sales and a variety of channels from which they sell their products or services (web sales, phone sales, store sales, and direct and indirect sales channels). This client variety translates into added experience – all for your benefit. We use our direct marketing expertise to help branders track and optimize performance.

Media planning and buying with our 4D-Process

We use our 4D-Process for all of our media consulting contracts. It works by first utilizing our syndicated and proprietary research tools. Our media buyers are expert at studying resources to learn more about your market and audience, and how they consume media. We combine these tools with our expertise to design a media buying service that will best achieve your goals within budget parameters.


Our media buyers are also seasoned negotiators, familiar with media pricing tools, which they leverage to secure the best possible rate, position and added value across your media planning and buying campaign. It’s not unusual for us to secure upwards of 80% off published rates. Thanks to our experience, we know which media buying services can work to meet a specific target, so it’s no surprise that our media buying services are regarded as some of the best in the industry.

Your personal media buyers

Once a campaign is live, our media buyers digest it with expert tracking, reporting and analytics. We continue to save you money by analyzing which channels are working best, refining budget allocation for a more evolved strategy. Unlike monolithic media buying services, we have no bureaucracy or indirect chain of command. Working Media Group media buyers support and interface directly with every media property to ensure the best possible rates, greatest value, and most rapid and precise campaign execution. Our media buying agency is professional, efficient, timely and personalized. For us, it’s all about you – we treat your business like our own.