working media group

We are an independent media planning and buying, activation, and analytics
agency delivering fully integrated marketing solutions to influence and engage
our clients’ consumers along the Path to Purchase. If your company is looking for
integrated marketing solutions, Working Media Group is here to provide the most efficient
and effective media strategy, regardless of your industry. As a B2C and
B2B online marketing agency, we focus on doing the absolute best for
our clients through exceptional teamwork and collaboration.

In effect transforming clients’ businesses.

Media Solutions


adjective | trans•form•a•tive | tran(t)s-form-e-tiv

The definition of transformative is something, such as
an experience, that inspires change or causes a shift in viewpoint.


The media landscape is fragmented, complex, and constantly transforming.
Individuals are consuming media across more devices than ever before and as
an online media buyer, it’s our job to get our client’s marketing strategy out on the
best medium. Time spent with media and specific properties is constantly evolving,
as are our integrated marketing solutions.

Driving Consumers to Our Client’s Brands

As a B2C and B2B online marketing agency, we analyze the various media alternatives available
to each client that best suits their industry, products, and services. We then design efficient
and effective integrated marketing solutions that best engage their audience to achieve
the client’s goal. Working Media Group is an online media buyer that strives to remain
within your defined budget and maximize return on advertising investments.

Transforming CMOs to Rock Stars

At Working Media Group, we believe a successful B2C and B2B online marketing agency
should be able to increase your brand’s overall awareness, sales, and market
share through properly designed media strategies, analytics and optimization.

Category Expertise

Automotive, B2B, CPG, e-Commerce, Education, Food & Beverage,
Financial Services, Health Care, Home Improvement, Non-Profit, Pharma,
Pet Care, QSR, Retail, Spirits, Travel & Tourism.


As a digital media buying agency, knowing audiences and how
they engage with media at each and every touch point along the
Path to Purchase is crucial for the media buying and planning process.
We begin by planning our clients’ campaign with the help of data scientists
to determine where consumers are most heavily interacting with the
product or service. Once the strategy is in place, we drive those customers to our
client’s brands and analyze the results in order to receivethe best possible
ROI and brand awareness through programmatic media buying.

Our 3 Stage Transformative Process:


Our focus and deep understanding of Path to Purchase
behavior sets us apart from other media buying and planning agencies.
Our implementation of real time, programmatic media buying and targeting
to increase sales and build brand loyalty makes us truly unique
in today’s quick changing media landscape. Delivering the right message
to the right consumers at the right time is a complicated,
transformative exercise and we strive to be the best
digital media buying agency for the job.

We light the path to your success.



As a media planner and buyer, our input of purchase behavior and audience
insight to increase sales and build brand loyalty makes us truly unique from
other media planning agencies. In today’s quick changing media landscape,
delivering the proper audience the right message at the right time is a complicated,
transformative exercise. Working Media Group has a defined process of
integrated marketing solutions that includes syndicated research tools and
1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data that allows us to fully map the path to purchase.


This deep dive discovery of integrated marketing solutions includes:

  • Brand analysis
  • Client go-to-sale operational analysis
  • Creative engagement analysis
  • Detailed competitive media sizing, allocation, placements, and trending
  • Influencer profiling and identification
  • Media engagement profiling
  • Path to Purchase analysis
  • Proprietary geographic analytics and market determinations
  • Psychographic and socio-economic target profiling
  • Sales funnel and KPI building methodologies
  • Social auditing and listening
  • Web traffic and conversion analytics
  • Web visit analytics
Transformative Labsm

Our proprietary Transformative Labsm will allow us to better understand
the media consumption as a media planner and buyer and ultimately surpass
results provided by other media planning agencies.



The extensive research and campaign design work completed in our
media planning and buying phase drives the media strategy to ensure it
aligns with brand objectives. Our digital media buying agency strives to provide
our clients with the most exceptionally crafted integrated marketing solutions
to get their brand in front of the right consumers.

Our activation process is performed without hesitation.
As a digital media buying agency, our strategy is to first create awareness
of our clients’ brand and utilize all of our media planning and buying knowledge
to narrow down consumers. Ultimately, we aim to drive them to the transaction process,
but our end goal is also to create brand loyalty and advocacy throughout the target audience.

Activation has become more and more data-driven, which allows our clients
to be more precise in their actions. The integrated marketing solutions we provide
allow them to measure results more effectively, and increase returns,
regardless of which of the myriad of media options are utilized.



To quote the celebrity statistician, Nate Silver:
“Every day, three times per second, we produce the equivalent
of the amount of data that the Library of Congress has
in its entire print collection. Most of it is . . .irrelevant noise.
So unless you have good techniques for filtering and processing
the information, you’re going to get into trouble.”

That’s where our B2C and B2B online marketing agency comes in. In short, our
media planning and buying becomes far more effective when grouped
with data driven insights through our marketing analytics services.


Our B2C and B2B online marketing agency transforms CMOs to rock stars with the
marketing analytics services and tools to boast about ROI and/or brand lift.
We do that with our proprietary, user-friendly dashboard that reports on both
online and offline media performance, focusing on a diverse set of criteria from
brand performance (awareness, perception, prestige, consideration, etc.) all the
way to sales data and/or conversion analysis.

Most importantly, our media planning and buying analytics team is uniquely qualified
to help clients extract insights and intelligence so they’re not treading water
in a sea of endless and meaningless data.


We know it sounds corny, but what sets Working Media Group
apart from other media planning and buying agencies is our teamwork,
collaboration, and dedication to our clients. No egos, no silos, just shared passion
and results. Our main goal as a B2C and B2B online marketing agency is to
provide top quality marketing analytics services for each and every client
that comes through our door.

Each client gets Senior Management involvement in every step
of our marketing analytics services so that they’re always in the know
about what we’re doing with their account and campaigns. From the
media planning and buying process to strategy execution and analytics,
we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

As a B2C and B2B online marketing agency, everything we do is focused
on doing better for our clients and believe us when we say we love what we do!
Read more about our process and services below.


Consumers are now spending more time with digital than any other form
of media, including TV. As a digital media buying agency, we’re confident
that digital marketing is by far the most directly measurable media. We’ll
show you how various creative, media tactics, publishers, and audience
segments perform with more accuracy than other agencies.

What are consumers saying about your brand, competitors, or industry?
Our digital media buying agency will show you through social listening.

Through programmatic ad buying, automated marketing solutions, and
other services we’ll paint a clear picture of your audience and provide
an understanding of the content that people most care about.

Our services include:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) / search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Programmatic ad buying - display (standard & rich media), video,
    mobile (mobile web * in-app)
  • Direct marketing / email - automated marketing solutions
  • Audience profiling / audience segmentation
  • Streaming (Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify)
  • Landing page development
  • Sales funnel building
  • Ad serving



TV is still KING.

Outside of the web and the rise of mobile, no other medium has seen
a dramatic change like TV. While American adults are still viewing live TV
at an average rate of 4/5 hours per day, the proliferation of alternate methods
to consume content has been profound, thus the need for programmatic media buying.
All of these alternative streaming and viewing methods offers media planning agencies
and brands a myriad of options to communicate with consumers.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all the viewing options for consumers,
TV – whether it be linear, steaming, mobile, video game console – is still
the number one medium for brands to reach the masses. Through
programmatic ad buying, we’re able to effectively accomplish our client’s goal
through traditional and alternative channels.

We take our responsibility to stay on top of all the changes seriously in order
to advise on the best ways to accomplish goals through TV. We excel in
programmatic ad buying and programmatic media buying so your brand
can reach the right consumers through the right channels.


Video did not kill the radio star.

In fact, radio is very much alive and well and has evolved with the advent
of streaming and satellite options. We approach radio holistically, ensuring
all relevant channels are considered in our planning and activation process.

  • National (network)
  • Local (spot)
  • AM / FM - news / talk, sports, music (all formats)
  • Satellite - Sirius / XM
  • Streaming - Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio


Print still has POWER.

Consumer print is still a powerful marketing tool for brands and
media planning agencies. Trade publications deliver high-value information
to specific industries and recognize the power of the channel to
communicate directly with their end users.

  • National, regional, hyper-local
  • Newspapers - Dailies, weeklies
  • Magazines - Weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies, etc.
  • FSI’s
  • Trade magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.


A nation on the move.

OOH advertising’s ability to engage on-the-go consumers
makes it a powerful stand-alone medium and a strategic
complement to other media.

  • Billboards
  • Bus posters and wrapped buses
  • Bus shelters
  • Airport advertising
  • Stadium advertising
  • Kiosks
  • Cinema advertising
  • Digital billboards
  • In store advertising
  • In-flight advertising
  • Mobile billboards
  • Place-based digital networks
  • Transit advertising
  • Shopping malls
  • Taxicabs
  • Wall murals


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff
that you make, but about the stories you tell.”
Seth Godin - entrepreneur/author/marketer

As a digital media buying agency, the power of social media is undeniable
in today’s world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have transformed not
only how society functions and interacts, but also how brands tell their stories
and communicate directly with consumers. Social has pushed consumer
marketing to the forefront and as a B2C and B2B online marketing agency,
it’s our job to utilize it for our clients’ best interests.

Through automated marketing solutions, our B2C and B2B online marketing agency
will help your brand achieve profitable results and consumer interactions
through a variety of social platforms. Automated marketing solutions
allow us to provide the social media benefits to brands while keeping
the time free to focus on other aspects of their campaign as well.
Below are just some of the social services our
digital media buying agency can provide.

  • Social listening (research and insight) - sentiment
    monitoring and analysis
  • Social media campaigns and ads (engagement) - Twitter / Vine,
    Facebook (Exchange and PowerEditor), Pinterest, Instagram,
    YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Widgets, badges, tools, etc.
  • Community analysis
  • Influencer marketing
  • Blog content creation / execution (SEO)
  • Brand content creation and scheduling


Experiential marketing, defined as messaging you can touch, feel,
or view in a physical space, allows brands to tangibly interact with consumers
to tell their story. Though media planning and buying is important, it isn’t
until factoring in earned media shares and PR that experiential marketing
investments are fully justified.

While social media as a marketing channel has
risen to star status, it lacks a very essential component;

When people can see the “human” side of your brand, they’re able
to connect with it on a deeper level. Through integrated marketing solutions,
we create those experiences that connect your brand and people through
a fusion of media planning and buying and live experience.

At Working Media Group, we utilize integrated marketing solutions
to find the best experiential investments for your brand. Our main priority
is to provide our clients with the best marketing solutions available to them
to gain the most defined audience and maximize consumer engagement.


Performance Dashboards

Campaigns developed by marketing analytics companies have a myriad
of moving parts, often making it difficult to get a comprehensive view
of activity. Our integrated marketing solutions dashboard allows clients
to gain insights and make better-informed decisions at a faster pace than ever before.

As a B2C and B2B online marketing agency, we understand how important it is
for clients to see and understand their results. Our clients have direct access
to ROI performance across all integrated marketing solutions and
media channels (traditional, digital, and social).

  • Cost per acquisition by channel
  • Full funnel attribution modeling
  • Marketing mix modeling
  • Conversion analysis
  • WMG Smart Optimization®
  • ROI analytics
  • Site analytics
  • Search analytics
  • User experience (UE) analytics
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Brand performance
  • Leads analysis
  • Budget vs. actuals


We are proud of our long-lasting relationships and results.
As anyone in marketing knows, you can’t have one without the other.


Our people define us. Having the best people is what differentiates us
from other media agencies and makes us great. Everyone on our team has
the breadth and depth of talent to turn an integrated media &
communications driven idea into success for your business.
Every team member is engaged in creating and driving consumers
to your brand. And we have a great time making it happen.


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