By Shreya Jois, Partnerships

As Roku, one of the largest OTT platform, moves to sell their user and audience data in order to increase targeted ad sales, a question that is coming to everyone’s mind is if this is the future of OTT and TV advertising. Information on certain audiences, especially segments that are increasingly cord-cutting their televisions, is clearly worth quite a bit to big name publishers, such as Turner and Viacom and is definitely turning heads within the industry.

With streaming consistently on the rise, the idea of selling precisely targeted ads in order to assist marketers in a fast changing environment is exceptionally forward thinking. This is a clear signal by Roku in that they hope to not only further their interests with marketers within the industry, but also to create a precedent for highly targeted ads within the OTT and streaming space. Of course, this “Audience Marketplace” is still relatively new, but the fact that it is exclusive to Roku’s platform could possibly start a rise in competing services in selling targeted data to both large scale publishers and advertisers alike.

Overall, as the idea of having increased data and information on one of the most coveted demographics has become more valuable, Roku has opened up the marketplace to ensure that there is an increase in precise ad targeting, even if it comes at a higher price.

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