We all know online video and streaming consumption is becoming more and more prevalent, not only among adults but also among “the consumers of tomorrow” – Teenagers, but the extent of it may surprise you.


The Common Sense Census reports that 13-18 year-olds spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes a day with entertainment screen media and only an average of 25 minutes of that is with Live TV, the largest portion being online video.

Other interesting info from this research:

  • Smartphone access continues to increase in both age groups with 41% of Tweens and 84% of Teens having their own personal smartphone
  • YouTube leads the pack with 59% of teens consuming online video “the most” on the platform over Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or other video sites
  • Online Video is second only to listening to music in terms of teen enjoyment, beating video games and social media
  • 82% of Teens listen to music “every day” with over half of the average total daily time spent of 2:05, via their smartphones

Find out more about Teens (and Tweens) media habits and the rapid rise of online video here:

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