There’s a lot of positives to being Goliath in the CPG space.  Resources and shelf space are generally readily available to the established brand giants.   Big ad budgets push the brand out to all targets that fall within their pre-defined demographic.   However, startup brands with limited resource (the David’s), particularly those targeting millennial consumers, are steadily gaining share and recognition.   Their appeal is being fueled in part through better engagement to their target consumers.   As strategic media consultants, Working Media Group’s agile and experienced teams help design more efficient and effective ways of reaching today’s hard to reach millennial audiences – even with limited budgets.  Rather than push them through the funnel, today’s small marketers are developing emotional appeals from the onset and building campaigns that are more genuine, local, grassroots and personal.    Today’s millennial CPG marketers develop lifestyle brands that appeal to the psychographic profiles of their audiences even more than the demographic.  They use less intrusive media platforms like digital/social and more personal touches like events and in-store marketing to make a better interaction and remain connected with them.

A recent Media Post article (  identifies two examples of CPG clients that rely less on broad distribution and traditional CPG ad platforms to build connections with their clients.  New brands need to make enduring personal engagements with their consumers and a strong media partner can help you get there by exploring new channels of engagement.