You would think that driving purchase and customer leads are the top goals for DTC brands. And that most primarily use Social Media (both paid and organic) as their means of accomplishing those goals.  But that is not the whole story, particularly when it comes to Disruptor Brands.


While Social Media is used for its ability to speak and interact directly with the consumer and overall general efficiency, based on IAB’s research DTC Disruptor Brands are spending 41% on offline media as well as utilizing multi-channel strategies within both online and offline media.  46% on average engage 6-15 vendor partners across all channels.

Okay, but it’s all about sales right? Not so fast – DTC Disruptors know they have to nurture relationships with consumers and provide them with more than just a product.  They are shifting business and marketing strategies to address more than just sales.  Customer Service and Marketing/Advertising are their top areas of investment and 40% list their top marketing objective as Driving Customer Satisfaction causing brands use a mix of content, awareness messaging, service, and customer experience to get to that goal. 

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