By Kerry Tracy, CEO of Working Media Group

Now more than ever, the beverage industry is a highly competitive and saturated market. As a result of this, beverage distributors have drastically shifted their model to narrow in on millennial consumers that are focused on health consciousness and transparency in nutritional values. In 2017 alone, The Asian-derived, fermented tea beverage known as Kombucha increased in sales by 37.4%, and is anticipated to be worth $5.45 billion globally by 2025.  In stride of this, PepsiCo has acquired the Kombucha company Kevita, Starbucks has introduced a Kombucha line of their own, and the retail giant Target has launched a “Well + Good” Kombucha brand. Despite there being dozens of options at every grocery chain, bodega, and even pharmacy, the hype continues to flourish now that the adult beverage market has taken an interest.

“The first hard kombucha”, known as Kombrewcha, has recently become available at select Whole Foods, as well as NYC-based bars and restaurants. Kombrewcha is noted for being organic, low sugar, low-calorie, and crafted with an extra buzz. Although this brand is on the cusp of integrating a probiotic and gut-friendly tea with the adult beverage industry, it’s reasonable to think that alcoholic Kombucha is a product worth investing in. Clearly today’s consumers are not only concerned with the “low calorie” option- above all else they are prioritizing natural ingredients free from artificial flavors and sweeteners. Considering Kombucha’s climbing success with retailers, Kombrewcha may offer a transformative product to the adult beverage industry that merits attention and consideration for start-ups and beverage giants alike.

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