By Shreya Jois, Partnerships

As the news came out that Google will be changing the names of both their AdWords and DoubleClick platforms, industry professionals everywhere couldn’t help but wonder if this was Google’s way of signaling a larger attempt to become more ambitious in the digital marketing and mar-tech spaces. Aimed as a way to simplify the process, it is clear that Google wants to create a more user-friendly atmosphere while bringing in more business towards these highly profitable platforms.

Now part of Google Ad Manager, DoubleClick will be unified with Google Ad Exchange, while AdWords will simply now be called Google Ads. Although these changes seem to be purely surficial, since the actual platforms will have minimal changes, it is evident that Google is attempting to rebrand who they are within the media and technology space, especially as their competitors gain in popularity. In terms of media buying, the rebranding of DoubleClick Bid Manager into Display and Video 360 shows just how willing Google is in order to ensure users of all sizes, from individual users to large scale agencies, understand and interact with their platforms.

Although both DoubleClick and AdWords have been transformative to not only Google’s advertising business but also the entire digital marketing industry, as Google rebrands itself, it might show that the digital marketing field is also going through its own rebranding of sorts. As users within platforms become central to how an advertising platform is designed, we can only expect Google and other platforms to further move towards this direction.

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