We last spoke about the continuing influence TV has but recent reports show that more consumers (particularly younger ones) are “pulling the plug” on their cable subscriptions. Moreover, ad dollars are shifting more rapidly than may have been anticipated and media companies have felt the brunt of that shift in the most recent quarter. Big ad players like Mondelez have reported significant shifts away from TV and into digital platforms to better target and track performance (see WSJ’s  8/7 “TV Ad Dollars Slowly Shifting to Web Video”.


While all this may not bode well for media properties, we believe it offer great opportunities for mid-size advertisers.

Our media planners and buyers love this turmoil and use it to our clients’ advantage. These seismic shifts are not overnight occurrences and TV remains one of the greatest vehicles to reach broad and engaged audiences. Even the most savvy digital players recognize the tremendous power of TV in driving web traffic. The pressure on media properties to sell ads creates better leverage for our media buyers and opportunities for mid-size advertisers who might otherwise not be able to afford this great performing channel.  Mid-size advertisers need ongoing help to navigate this dynamic media landscape and access some of these great opportunities.