By Shreya Jois, Partnerships Intern

The newest company to add a fresher take to their hamburgers is none other than franchise giant McDonald’s. Although they have been working on bringing “cooked when you order” fresh beef for their Quarter Pounders for years, their newest campaign with a few familiar faces has certainly shown a strong entrance.

McDonald’s has been struggling for years on how to compete with the health kick that has swept the nation. Multiple fast food chains, notably Wendy’s, has also strived to compete on fresh beef in all of their burgers, and this newest campaign shows that this health kick is here to stay. Their “Speechless” campaign, featuring everyone from Luis Fonsi (of Despacito fame) to Gabrielle Union signals that McDonald’s plans to be an avid competitor.

Overall, even though Wendy’s does not seem to be too shaken by this new entrance, it looks as though McDonald’s plans on making fresh beef a staple for years to come.

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