By Kerry Tracy
CEO of Working Media Group

While Oscar linear TV ratings have dropped since their peak five years ago…

the Oscars deliver great reach and engagement to a desirable audience. While national broadcast buys come at a great cost, smart smaller consumer brands should consider alternatives to take advantage of Oscar tune-in. Here’s one strategy we’ve used to get the bang of the Oscar show without the significant investment generally thought as required:

1. Go Local.
Focusing your efforts on key DMAs may be a better strategy than going national. Trendy, upscale brands need not necessarily reach across the US in television. Often times, unsold local inventory becomes available at lesser rates. With trailing ratings (as shown above), strong media buyers with solid relationships can get access to remnant inventory for little out of pocket. An integrated campaign in a local urban market can deliver a great result in a key market without the big budgets.

2. Go Digital
Many younger audiences are streaming the Oscars or engaged in social media conversations during the Oscar show. Be certain that your campaign includes OTT inserts if available and digital coverage during the narrow windows leading up to, during and immediately following the Oscar event to ensure added emphasis and frequency to your target.

3. Go Social
The chart (4C Insights) below demonstrates the positive impact of well-placed TV ads on consumer brands. Oscar advertisers must ensure a robust local social campaigns to take advantage of the positive sentiment that their local TV placement will provide.

These stats reflect national campaign figures. Again, not all brands require a national rollout and many consumer brands based on target or distribution may be better served focused locally than scaling nationally.
We work with many consumer brands to develop integrated campaigns to drive awareness, positive consideration and purchase.

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