By Kerry Tracy, CEO of Working Media Group

Beverage giants are veering out of their historic traffic lanes as a plethora of drink options flood the market and consumers grow more focused on what they drink. Pepsi’s $3.2B purchase of SodaStream, a seltzer dispenser product is a bow to the realization that sugary or artificial soft drinks are possibly ripe for disruption by healthier options.  It also launched a new flavored seltzer called bubly   Dr Pepper Snapple Group has renamed itself to the healthier coffee alternative in Keurig Dr Pepper.    Coca Cola purchased a sparkling water brand named Topo Chico which is taking off in the southwest US and has also expanded into other non-sugary beverage offerings.   Even beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev is getting into the game with healthier ice tea and organic caffeinated sparkling water options.

The proliferation of drink options are crowding shelf space and creating real challenges for beverage makers, grocers and consumers alike.   Changing consumer tastes, including the desire for healthier drink options, is shaking the beverage world like never before.    Storied brands, like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Dr Pepper may now be hurting some beverage giants as sugar-laden drinks grow steadily out of favor.

The result … smaller, healthy beverage options are using new media options to gain awareness and share on grocer and consumer shelves.   The healthy and fresh food aisles are becoming the center of beverage distribution.  Smart beverage start-ups are seizing the opportunity to build brand and uniquely position themselves as healthy alternatives to capture the shifting consumer tastes.    Greater awareness drives trial and ultimately, share.

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