By Shreya Jois, Partnerships Intern

There is no question that voice search has radically shifted how everyone thinks of paid search, especially since the Amazon Echo has increased its sales dramatically in recent years. However, rather than just focusing on the shifting media buying aspects that are associated with paid search, it is also relevant to consider the now dynamic audio media buying landscape associated with the newest platform.

Of course, audio ad buying through radio has been around for decades, but its newest digital counterpart of podcasts are on the rise, since currently 42 million Americans listen to at least 1 podcast a week. This growing importance will definitely change the metrics and analytics behind how media buyers and planners think of audio advertising. Through this, a clear issue is the fact that this audio content will certainly have less amount of ad space available, which can cause an issue in not only cost, but also measurability of an advertisement’s success.

As voice search continues to rapidly increase, the audibility as well as the type and amount of monetization will become more pertinent as well as radically shift how both media buyers and publishers approach audio advertising. In order to be ahead of the curve, both media planners and publishers alike must start delving into not only the paid search platform within voice search, but also the rapidly expanding audio landscape.

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