By: Shreya Jois, Partnerships

Being “Instagram Famous” just increased to an even higher level. The Digital Video industry without question has skyrocketed in the past few years, and there is no larger sign of this than Instagram’s newest venture into the long-form video space. As a seemingly new competitor to YouTube, “IGTV” will support video lengths of up to an hour long that can be created by everyone from Kim Kardashian to your parents – as long as they have an Instagram account. As influencer marketing is on an exponential trajectory, it is exceptionally clear that Instagram is trying to keep influencers solely on their platform and not stray to YouTube. This does not come as much of a surprise, especially when considering the impact that large scale influencers and creators have on advertisers and users on both platforms.

As YouTube’s viewer base for influencer generated content is largely in the under 18 demographic, IGTV is capitalizing on bringing in more of this demographic onto their own platform. With these demographics in mind, IGTV is also making its mark for advertisers as they are now more aware than ever of the benefits to using influencers in their social media campaigns. Although there are no ads within IGTV yet, we can only expect the demand for these video ad spaces will grow as the amount of users on the platform increases.

Overall, the rise of long form video in the social media space signals the growing demand and influence of the digital video industry due to its potential to reach thousands of mainly younger consumers on multiple different platforms. It is clear that Instagram especially wants to make sure users and advertisers alike do not leave their platform, and is attempting to become a one stop shop for all things digital. As both advertisers and users continue to take note of this, we can expect not only an increase in the amount of sponsorships within IGTV, but also an even larger shift into the digital video space in the future for all social media platforms.

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