By Shreya Jois, Partnerships Intern

Although TV has arguably gone through the largest amount of changes to its platform in the last decade, one aspect that seems to be here to stay is the widespread use of data in order to create increasingly specific ad targeting results. Network channels as well as ad buyers are demonstrating that TV ad buying will only continue getting narrow in specificity as seen with recent products such as Open A.P.

As of now, the effect of these big moves into the data world of TV ad sales are unclear. However, what is clear is that data will continue to drive on-air ad spend, as more and more network channels (NBCUniversal, Viacom, etc.) partner with each other and move forward in this direction. The increase in partnerships between networks in this regard also signals that even though the larger TV networks have always been in competition in terms of advertising, this data driven form of ad buying indicates that the future of TV media planning might move past the traditional, simpler 18 to 49 key rating demographic.

Regardless of the seemingly rapid changes TV advertising has gone through, whether that be linear or their various online platforms (CBS All Access, Hulu, etc.) data will still be the key driver in bringing marketers into each respective network. As 61% of young adults are now primarily watching TV via online streaming, the major networks must increasingly consider the wider usage of data for ad sales in order to continue drawing in advertisers for revenue.

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