A number of key statistics came out supporting that TV is still a big influence in US and world media consumption habits.
According to the Labor Department, Americans continue to spend lots of time in their day in leisure activities.  Within a 24 hour day in 2014, Americans spent on average a total of two hours, 49 minutes of TV time.   That is UP 3 minutes from 2013 even as the US unemployment rate has dropped year on year.   This is 10 minutes more than was consumed a decade earlier in 2004.

This data was based on interviews of 11,600  US civilians aged 15 and older.

However, with the availability of on-demand, digital and other ad-free TV opportunities, it has become increasingly difficult to advertise to the TV consumer, particularly millennials who are consuming less TV than ever in the “traditional” broadcast format.

According to ZenithOptimedia Consumption Forecasts, media consumption is expected to continue growing and shift dramatically between different channels.  This complexity increases the need for strong research, planning and activation testing methods that strong media planning and buying firms can deliver.   Contact us for more…